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Google Ads

Google is the most popular search engine in the world and thus it is the most competitive PPC market. When you need to meet your customers where they are, PPC advertising on Google is a great start.


With over 1.3 billion active users worldwide, Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms available. For certain businesses, a Facebook advertising campaign can present a huge value that cannot be matched by other PPC advertising platforms.

Bing Ads

Bing is a popular search engine competitor to Google, and can be an important part of a comprehensive pay-per-click advertising program. Advertising through Bing also enables you to reach Yahoo! search engine users.

Here are some of the things I normally do with paid search campaigns.

Killer Keywords:

Research and identify keywords that will perform best.

Most conversions at lowest cost.

Identify money wasting keywords and block them.

Attention grabbing ads:

Ad copy should jump off the page and demand your attention.

You need to have an understanding of what you can spend to acquire a customer (Cost Per Acquisition) to meet your profit targets for your business.

Ads should explain why you are unique and better.

Ads should add extensions like phone numbers so that customers can call you right away.

Ad copy for search engine ads is much different than ad copy for print ads or radio ads. It tends to be very straightforward and targeted to the particular keyword search a user has done.

Superb Structure:

Great structure increases your quality score.

Each ad group should have tightly themed keywords, landing pages and ads.

Different ads should different call to action techniques.

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