Who is behind this effort?

Enrique and Erika Valerio, a couple born to Nicaraguan parents, collect and send items from Oceanside, California. Michiko-san and Ishii-san, collect and send shoes and clothes from Japan. The four of us have teamed up on this mission. We are thankful for the outpour of support that we have received from our Japanese friends and those who help distribute these items in Nicaragua. Enrique’s mother, Argentina Arevalo, has helped deliver these items to the right hands. Thanks to her, we are able to provide photos of those benefiting from these donations.

Why did we start Nicaragua Outreach and why do we keep it going?

It’s very simple. We are Nicaraguan. We love Nicaragua and its people. We are grateful for life and the opportunities we have been given and feel the urge to help those who haven’t been as fortunate. Our hearts will always be in Nicaragua.

How much profit do we make from Nicaragua Outreach?

Our goal is to help others, not to make any profit. The money that comes in gets put right back into sending out more donations.

Where do you receive all the shoes and clothing from?

The initial idea for donating shoes to Nicaragua came while we were in Japan and two good friends of ours (Ishii-san and Michiko-san) mentioned how they could help. Since 2009 they have been sending boxes of kids’ shoes and clothes that they personally collect, clean and send. We are trying to continue with this idea from the United States. We have collected our own used clothing and that of close friends and relatives. Until now, we had sent these items with people who have traveled. It wasn’t until recently that we started to collect larger donations. Currently there are 9 boxes waiting to be sent.

Who pays for all this?

Right now we are covering all the costs involved in this new venture: storing, cleaning, transporting, distributing, etc. If you are interested in making a contribution, we are happy to receive it! Please use our PayPal button to donate. Our friends in Japan collect from friends, relatives, and their local church in order to make those shipments possible. We hope that with monetary donations we can contribute to their shipping costs from Japan, as well as those from the US.

If you really want to contribute monetarily…

Our main purpose is to collect and send shoes and clothing to Nicaragua. However, shipping of these items all the way to Nicaragua from San Diego is quite costly and we need some help paying for this. If you feel generous and want to help, you can donate through PayPal. Any amount helps!