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After settling in the US and Venezuela because of the civil war, our families at some point decided to move back to their home in Nicaragua. Taking along their teenage kids who would later become adults, eventually meet in college and later marry. In 2005, we moved to Japan for a couple of years to continue our studies, and so began the journey. It was there in Japan that we met two angels that to this day we remember with a warm heart. Mrs. Michiko Nakamura and Mr. Ishii Tadanori. One day at dinner we shared with them the sad reality back in Nicaragua. With passion and tears in our eyes we spoke of the many children and adults who endure daily hardships. Children begging in the streets with no shoes on in 100 ℉ weather. Meantime in Japan, most of their used shoes and clothing end up in the garbage. Resale stores, for the most part, will not take these items because they are not in demand.

No sooner had we had these conversations with them when Nakamura-san and Tadanori-san had gathered used shoes from friends and relatives in hopes of getting them to help the children in Nicaragua. Enrique’s mother, Argentina Arevalo, who lives in Nicaragua (in the city of Masatepe), has taken up the task of distributing these items to the families who need them most. Since then, with the help of the Japanese community and their generous donations, shoes and clothing have been shipped all the way from Japan to Nicaragua, helping clothe dozens of children.

Now settled in the US, we would like to contribute to keeping this mission alive and making it happen as often as possible. We hope that one day we are able to provide more than a box of clothes every couple of months. We know that with the help of our friends and our community we can help make a difference in the lives a many.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create a ripple.”
-Mother Theresa

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Enrique & Erika Valerio