Have you ever listened to a song which reminded you of how life was back then?
We all have! MelodyBit is the new platform to keep your memories alive and closer than before
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With MelodyBit, you can now share with friends the songs that bring the best of your memories.

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Bring your Memories to Life
Because we know how much your memories mean to you, we wouldn’t want them to just fade away and take pieces of your life with them. Some of these memories remind you that they’re still in there when you listen to a particular song… travelling back in time and taking you back exactly to when these memories were made. MelodyBit will help make your memories vivid and unforgettable every time you search for a song and connect a specific memory to it.
Listen and Discover your friends’ Memories
Listen in and discover the personalized list of songs that make up your friends’ memories; they may have some of the most interesting memories you will ever hear. Who knows, you might end up selecting the same song for different memories (tip: a great conversation starter!). Remember that for every song that your friends add, they will be sharing with you invaluable pieces of their life. We strongly believe that there’s more beauty than meets the eye.