Brake Lamp Certification

Do you have a salvaged vehicle? You can bring it into our shop and we’ll perform the inspections required by DMV before it goes back into the road. California Automotive Solutions is certified by the state of California as an official brake and lamp adjusting station to provide brake and lamp adjustment certificates. We will do a comprehensive check of all the brake and lamp components to make sure that your vehicle has been restored to the safest condition possible. We ensure that your automobile meets the standards put in place by the manufacturer. The braking system is carefully examined to be certain that it is functioning correctly in order to safeguard against the possibility that the braking system will fail and put you and your loved ones at risk.

As part of the brake lamp certification process, California Automotive Solutions customers can expect a complete adjustment/inspection of the lighting system, as well. We use approved equipment to assure that all of the lighting mechanisms are working well. The turn signals, headlights, and taillights are checked, as well as the brake lights. We want you to be assured that you have met the legal requirements to drive your salvaged vehicle again safely. After your vehicle passes the inspection, we will provide you with your certificate to take to the DMV. You will be driving your vehicle in no time.

You can read more about this on DMV website

Our service:

We provide the Brake Lamp Certifications needed by the DMV in order to re-register a Salvage (Total Loss) Vehicle.


– Labor cost: $105 (both brake and light inspection)

– Each certificate will cost: $3.50

If your car doesn’t pass the brake or light inspections, you will not pay the certificate cost. We are able to fix most of the problems so that your car passes the inspections. Call us at  760-726-2247 to learn more about this service.